Happy Traveler, Happy Manager

I have learned a long time ago, happiness is this elusive things that we feel but can not touch..But there are simple joys when compounded we feel happy.

10 things you can compound to make a client "HAPPY"...works most of the time.

1. Accurate Listing

2. Prompt responses

3. Overall Cleanliness ( Aroma Therapy)

4. Toiletries (amazon)

5. Starter Paper Products ( Paper Towel Rolls, 2 Rolls of Bath Tissue per bathroom)

6. Extra Linens for additional sleeping (Air bed with a full set of pillow and linens for it)

Never keep extra sheets out for the main beds or you will be doing Laundry longer than expected.

7. Small Refreshments ( Water, cookies or candy)

8. Updated Recommendations for day and night activities

9. Clear check out instructions

10. Follow up if they has a safe Journey Home


Thanks for reading and  Happy Hosting !