What Travelers Love Most About A Vacation Rental Home!

For a traveler it's the space, the cost, and the privacy of your very own place to call your own, even if it's just for a brief stay. There is always a warmth, and connectedness to a location that comes when you forego traditional hotels. You just don't feel as bogged down, or too touristy but get more of a local feel for what it's really like to be part of particular city. In Miami guests rave about the simple things as visiting the nearest rinconcito for a colada at $1.60, with a traditional breakfast for less than $7. The ability to host backyard BBQs by the pool with their family, and friends where parking is always FREE. Then there still always is the option of visiting any hotel or restaurant in the city, without having to pay hotel rates for a fraction of the space. Your rental is YOURS! You pay for your time, and your space. It truly feels like a brief home, away from home.