The 5's Of My VR Mind!

As a VR Manager I aim to bring value to every property owner, and traveler, but that doesn't always occur as easily as one would think. There are so many roles, perspectives, and positions one can take when it comes to providing a service which creates an experience for one, and directly impacts another. In all areas of life there are circumstances, and tough decision making to be made. Trust me I have had some overwhelming, and challenging days where I've had to ask myself the following questions just to find a resolve. 

1. Are we providing the best value based on the current market, and area comps for the travelers.

2. Are we setting, and receiving the best rates to generate sufficient revenue for property owners.

3. Are we going beyond in service expectations, and surpassing the offerings of a typical vacation rental.

4. Are we vetting, and building a rapport with travelers to ensure quality guests, and recurring travelers. 

5. Are we ALWAYS putting ourselves in the position of traveler, and the property owner.