VR Spaces...Backyard Party or Event?

Over the past few days I have received quite a bit of requests for events at one particular property within our portfolio. The requests have ranged from birthdays, to high school reunions, to bridal showers. These prospective guests referred to the home as a venue, and that in of itself had me thinking....another aspect of a service that can be provided. VR event hosting??? My mind is always thinking expansion, and added services which can be provided for travelers. So I'm using this post to brainstorm how such a service can be plausible. 

1. The houses in our portfolio are located in residential neighborhoods which can have limitations in terms of large scale events. Which then leads me to thinking...

2. We can limit the event capacity based on property size, and keep the sleeping capacity to that of the home.

3. Do we impose an event fee, and provide set up/breakdown services?

4. Are our property owners open to the concept of event hosting?

5.  Would guests respect that the home is still indeed a home, and treat it as such?

6. Would providing this service take away from the homely feel we aim for within our properties?

7. Or would having such a service help facilitate a more economical, and intimate event option for our guests/travelers. 

8. How would we do our pricing, and ensure profitability without damage.

These are just some thoughts that excite me at this moment, and as I dive further into the possibility and responsibility of such an outcome I will provide updates. Vacation Rental Places, and Spaces already has a ring to it =)