Those Late Night Calls/Messages...

It's an aspect of this business least spoken about. It's an aspect of this business most property owners overlook when choosing to self manage. It's an aspect of this business that makes having a vacation rental manager most valuable. Those calls, and messages...Yep! It can be 1 AM, 4 AM, IN THE MORNING! You are at their beck and call. If you are self managing of course this can be a huge inconvenience, or disruption of sleep if you're someone who values a goodnight rest. 

This is precisely what has occurred within the past week for me, however as the VR Manager, I am here to receive those AM sleep depriving calls from guests. It's part of the service being provided, with an understanding that we are here to make your guests stay as seamless as possible. 

Now I am not saying this is a frequent occurrence, but it sure can be at times. There are several variations from traveler to traveler. What may affect one, may be overlooked by another. And when on vacation a traveler normally expects someone available around the clock to tend to their needs. Just like a hotel! 

If you think about having to self manage, and fielding these calls would affect your normal day to day responsibilities whether you're a parent, have a full time job, or another committment, then seeking out a VR Manager would be something to consider.