When The Manager Becomes The Guest...

The title is so fitting, as I'm currently sitting in a long term, turned seasonally short term rental property where I will be residing for the next few weeks. I touched on a few things regarding these types of properties in a previous post http://www.vacationmanagernow.com/news-1/2018/1/22/the-touches-of-short-term-rentals, but now that I am actually here, I would like to share 3 things that stood out immediately upon my arrival. 

1. The missing...toiletries, hangers, and bath mats were the most noticeable within the first hour.

2. The lacking...presentation/organization of linens. 

3. The touches...dust residue on furniture and floors.

I don't mention these points to find fault but to draw on some of the most important aspects of a vacation or short term rental property. First impressions, and they certainly do last! We pride ourselves on the close out processes of each of our properties, and have prepared a checklist that can be helpful in guiding owners, and managers alike in finessing the touches of their properties first impression.  

To obtain a FREE checklist email us at info@vacationrentalmanager.net