Regulation Fuels Opportunity

With the rapid growth of short term rentals, coupled with zoning and city regulations, the affects on traveler options, and value have been immense. Miami Beach for example is a tourist attraction in of itself, and with the lack of higher occupancy properties due to regulations, hotels are really the only visitor option. Unless one ventures beyond city limits...

Ongoing changes has left group travelers seeking out properties in rural Miami - Dade in an effort to obtain accommodations that provides them with both value, and space. The recent upsurge in demand of suburban Miami - Dade county has now opened a window of opportunity for homeowners who wish to increase their property revenue, that would typically be capped, and limited in what once was a annual occupancy market.  

Short term rentals has shown its value and is an important aspect in today's travel economy. It is also an opportunity for homeowners to explore, and maximize the potential of their homes.