The Missing Parts Of Guest Feedback!

Admittedly this is something I've learnt to not take too personally. There are so many takes on a guest's feedback/review. Somedays I have to ask myself, and those around me if we shared in the same experience with the guest, because the review itself paints a completely different picture from what actually occurred.

I use to question myself, and become truly disheartened whenever a review didn't reflect the passion I push in every aspect of the service we provide. However I have come to realize that a guest's feedback is at most times than not, a sub accurate reflection of what actually transpired.  

Guest's can, and will purposely omit important details in a review, that can be perceived by a potential future guest as negative. These types of reviews can affect your listings in several ways, so my recommendation is to always respond to negative feedback with a accurate detailed relay of what actually occurred. This way a complete and fair judgement can be made upon reading.