Location Disclosure...

Property exact location disclosure can certainly work for or against you depending on the guest. There are quite a few reasons we choose not to disclose a property's location, and here is the main reason we do not disclose.

SAFETY! Sharing with a unconfirmed guest the location of a property where a current guest is  being accommodated is not the smartest move. Consider that potential guest a stranger, as they have not completed any sort of vetting process, and most times this leads to a disruption of the current guest's stay in some way.

Don't be too eager to get a booking that you compromise someone else's stay, or safety in any way. However do share a landmark or general vicinity so a potential guest can have an idea of proximity for their upcoming visit. Typically doing so is sufficient enough to reserved any prospective guest for future dates.  

However do refrain from using the actual neighborhood name in your landmark sharing. This may come as a surprise, but some potential guests will actually locate the home by driving the neighborhood while matching homes with listing photos.