The Frustrating Side Of The Guest Experience...

We pride ourselves on customer service, and guest satisfaction, but sometimes it just isn't enough. The most frustration part is when a guest gives no feedback, and we are left thinking all went well, only to be surprised by a refund request.

Now, if a guest has filed a complaint, and we are at fault or lacking in addressing their concerns then of course there is absolute ground for a refund or party thereof. However when a guest gives absolutely no indication of dissatisfaction, stay the duration of their entire stay, even request an extension, to only turn around and submit a refund request after they have checked out. Now that is frustrating.

I share this to shed light on how you can seemingly do all the right things to ensure a pleasant stay for travelers, and still fall short based on their personal circumstance, perception, and translation of their experience. We are a vacation rental company, and once a concern is voiced it is address immediately.

In addition with the vastness of our portfolio we would be more than happy to relocate our travelers to another property, if we were even aware of property dissatisfaction.