Linens And Things...

There should never be a shortage of essentials such as bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, sheet sets, and blankets. It can't be stressed enough how important having these items readily available and on hand for your guests can be. We have compiled an extensive recommendation list for properties based on their size. However below you will find a brief quantity rule of thumb... 

1. A minimum of 2 bath towels and wash cloths per guest that will be occupying the property.

2. Have on hand a second sheet set per room, especially for extended stays.

3. Be sure to have extra comforters and/or blankets stocked in the linen closet.

4. Do have pool/beach towels available if the property has these amenities on site.

5. A minimum of 1 foot towel, and 2 hand towels per bathroom. 

Email us at for a more detailed list based on your property size.