VR Glitz And GRIND!

A couple days ago I received a DM on instagram from a person stating they wish they were Downtown on a balcony looking at the city lights just like me. That “I’m living the life.” So I wanted to share some of the truths and real life facts of VR Management as it’s what we aim to share with those who follow us for real life industry insight. 

 It isn’t always glamorous. Yes...there are luxurious condos in the city, and lovely homes in the suburbs but that doesn’t mean Management is always as glitzy as it seems.  Here's how to glitz, and grind seamlessly..

1. Possess a forward thinking mindset like the hands on a clock. There is an entire organizational structural operation that makes our properties turn like clock work for check in and outs, but sometimes that clock can get stuck because it's controlled by human beings. A positive forward thinking mindset will always move  the hands of the clock forward much faster. 

2. Be solution driven and focused! We don’t always get it perfect! Stellar service and perfection is our aim but there are days where something minor can be a miss, and being available and quick to take action helps bring about a faster recovery from any blunder.

3. Be of service BUT with discernment! This is a business of people, and being of service to people is our business model. However discernment is key in avoiding the various pitfalls of this industry. 

4. Build the right team. Teamwork is the essence of any successful framework in any business. Hire those who can be an asset and ready to take the lead. Those who can execute without instruction with a keen awareness of what is required. 

5. Don't let the bright lights blind you. What's bright today may not shine tomorrow, the industry is ever changing so always think expansion always, and in all ways.