Payment And Agreements = No Argument!

As I release a BIG sigh,  I cannot stress the title of this post enough. As someone who always wants to believe and appeal to the best in people the truth is people don't always appeal to the best in themselves. 

This industry has so many ups, but also has its moments where I have to sit in the downs and make some tough calls. It does not always pay to be nice...LITERALLY! I say this from having taken recent hits by guests who we trusted to show up, and pay up. 

These situations are what makes me become a stickler to policies, and instill an absolutely no flexibility rule to our terms. The frequency of such incidents are fewer now than when we first began in this business, but it is a reminder to always be a student of your own procedures. 

Policy, and guidelines are in place for the protection of your business, your brand, and your clientele. It is important to research rental terms, and agreement documents produce by industry leaders and utilize it as a blueprint for the creation of your own.