Bridging The Gap

With the vacation rental industry on a rapid uprising, there has been a more than ever before need for hotel standard service, and quality. 

We have a concept launching soon for owners, and other property managers within the industry that would love to bring their properties to hotel standard. It will certainly be a step in the best direction. Especially with what's projected for the VR industry of the future. 

That being said! Yesterday into last night we found ourselves smack in the middle of the gap that we are currently working on bridging. Which was great as we realized more than ever that our product is needed, and necessary. More on that in a later post...

What do you do when both an owner, and a traveler are your clients.  How do you present a solution that works for both in the best way possible. 

Here are a few tips..

1. Communication - clear, and friendly communication with both the traveler, and the owner. How intense a situation may seem is a matter of perspective. Try to maintain a positivity mindset, and outlook and all parties will most likely mimic your state of being positive. 

2. Timing - most things in this industry comes down to your ability to respond to a situation in a timely manner. With tip 1 being covered, it is now up to you to relay all information as soon as possible. 

3. Scale - based on the circumstances I like to scale the severity of the situation based on the details provided by the traveler, and utilizing that SS (severability scale) to then relay those details using them as driving points so the owner can react to resolve in a timely manner which ties into tip 2.

It's a business of people, and people love being informed, and their requests being heard. As a manager you are the informant, and the ear.