What A Bug...UPDATE To Property Management Software Post!

I'm not referring to bed bugs. But rather to the techie kind that no one can quite figure out... 

What I can say is that our entire AirBnB account went haywire when we partnered with the channel manager Janiis. Needless to say it has been frustrating in the least, and extensively time consuming attempting to solve. 

The folks that enjoy figuring these things out at AirBnB are stumped, and the "channel manager" that started it all is relinquishing all responsibility. It has been over a month to date, and Janiis continues to deflect, and redirect each time we have reached out seeking resolve. 

Let me just say I wanted love their product so much, but man what I didn't realize was how unfinished it was. Certainly in no way ready to take on what we are used to. This was where I had to sit back and accept that I made a poor choice when I opted to switch from MyVR to try a new product. 

Not everything that is new is nice! Needless to say we are now back to our original channel manager who have been syncing with us for years. We started with them back when they were a startup, and despite us choosing to jump on a newer ship, they gracefully took us back on board their cruise liner.

The extras may cost, but I'm always willing to pay for a product that works, or at least is fully backed by its developer where resolving their customers woes comes first. 

My channel manager recommendation for vacation rental managers, and owners would hands down be MyVr.