How to become a Super Host? Well by AirBnB's criteria, it's fairly simple, or NOT. Depending from what angle you look at it. 

I've been a guest in the home of an AirBnB SuperHost, and was perplexed as to how this person achieved the status of AirBnB Super Host, when here I was overly attention to detail at some of our managed homes, and still got complaints and reviews that nixed any possible Super Host potential. 

So I started really thinking about how do you REALLY become a SUPER HOST of any property on any platform in the Vacation Rental industry.  For us it was clear and simple, managing vacation rentals at hotel standard. 

Some may ask why at hotel standard when a traveler chose not to stay at a hotel, but for us we see the vacation rental industry as a concept able to provide the quality of a hotel, and the value of vacation rental. 

Needless to say a SUPER HOST to us is more about the presentation, quality, and service the guests received, rather than just a place to sleep no matter the state.