Vacation Rental Impressions...

I woke up this morning in a bit of a daze, and disbelief that we had dinner with Matt Landau last night. What an honor it was for us to be able to have spent time with the single most respected person in the vacation rental industry. As my brother said "he's the Lebron James of vacation rentals."

So many impressions have been left on myself, and I am certain my brother as well. Our conversation touched on several aspects of our industry, but most importantly the impact we have on every traveler that chooses to stay at our properties. And that's just it! It's the aspect of this industry that is propelling vacation rentals to the forefront. 

We have the ability to be an integral part of the vacationing experience of so many. Being a host, and an expert are two entirely separate entities. But becoming a host, and expert intertwined is ultimately the direction every host, and manager in this industry should be aiming for.

It's what sets us apart! Travelers are people, and people love people. We have an opportunity that hotels don't. That's the ability to provide a much more personable experience that will have an lasting impression for a lifetime.